Monsoon Hair Care

The summer sweats are fading away and new hair problems set in with the oncoming monsoon. This season is sure to bring with it the greasy oiliness that comes with getting wet in the rain. If you thought that damp summer hair or the dry winter scalps were bad, with the monsoons you have another thing coming. If left unchecked, you are sure to fall victim to gross hair problems that will leave your hair gloomy and lifeless.

A common monsoon problem is having an overly oily scalp and although it seems like much more of a boon than a bane for the rest of the year, the overly humid scalp is a common occurrence this time of the year. If not promptly treated, this can become a menace for your hair.

Another problem you might face is having an overly itchy scalp. Dandruff problems start rooting themselves from the monsoon and show no signs of slowing down despite all your efforts. Be it a fifty year old man or an eighteen
year old adolescent, dandruff is sure to hit you hard.

We recommend that you take a close check to see if you have these problems and fight it before the monsoon gets the best of you. Here’s a couple of things
you can try:

  1. Wash your hair more frequently and keep your scalp clean.
  2. Condition your hair after every shampoo.
  3. Use less hair products and let your scalp breathe naturally.
  4. Keep your hair short to avoid greasiness.
  5. Prefer all natural products to avoid excess chemical influence on your hair.