Take it Easy on your Hair

For us men, our hair is all we have to play with with it comes to expressing our individuality and style.

Use a Natural - Gentle Shampoo:
Your hair deserves to be treated with a product that not only contains natural ingredients but also deep cleanses the roots & scalp thoroughly. Avoid shampoos with long lists of harsh chemical ingredients. Look for the good-for-your-hair ingredients like keratin, wheat protein, amino acids, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E etc that strengthen your hair shaft and nourish individual strands. 

Don’t Shampoo Every Day:
The oils that your scalp secrete are meant to nourish your hair and keep it healthy. Shampooing too often strips those oils out, making your hair look dull, brittle, and weak. Best practise - Shampooing every alternate day if you are out often, else every two days is also good. 

Be regular with your cuts:
Hair grooming includes regular visits to the barbershop. Over time, the ends of your hair become exposed to heat, sweat & pollution with day-to-day activity. This can weaken strands, leading to split ends and dryer, more damaged looking hair. 

Regular cuts or trims can effectively get rid of this damage, leading to stronger, healthier hair over time. Though it depends largely on your hairstyle and the length you like to keep, we recommend that you try to go at least every month to maintain the best style. 

Take It Easy on Your Hair:
Try to use natural styling products  - Avoid styling products that contain harsh ingredients since it dries and damages your hair. Harsh products will irritate your scalp and lead to hair thinning over time. Go for styling products that contain hydrating & hair repair ingredients like beeswax, castor oil, vitamin E, Argan oil. 

The bottom line is taking care of your hair is a great and healthy habit to adopt.Once you know your hair type and understand the basics, you can put a routine in place that’s simple and easy to maintain.

So if you want to tame unruly hair, treat damage hair or spiff up your look, go ahead and try Machismo products.